Oregon Poetry Association Board Meeting of July 23, 2020

Meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. via Zoom, with Dave Mehler hosting.

Present: Bruce Parker (President, Historian), Diane Corson (Membership Co-Chair, Outreach Chair), Jennifer Rood (Vice-President), Carolyn Adams (Treasurer), Dave Mehler (Membership Co-chair), Dale Champlin (Newsletter and Verseweavers Editor), Dan Liberthson (Secretary), Susan Morse (Assistant Secretary, Fall Adult Poetry Contest Chair), Stella Guillory (Adult Contest Chair)

Not Present: None

  1.  Call to Order

President Bruce Parker called meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

II.  Approval of June 15, 2020 Minutes

Acceptance of the June 15 minutes was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved.

III.  Reports of Officers

Per the agenda, several issues were discussed:

  • The October 10 on-line conference planning and publicity

  • The Banta award–which honors an individual or group that has made a significant contribution to Oregon poetry and to OPA’s mission–was discussed. At issue was whether to offer a cash award or just a gift and recognition.

  • The webmaster search. Bids received will be analyzed by the committee and one selected for Board approval. A web content volunteer is urgently needed: Dave will email those who’ve indicated they are interested in volunteering. Dale suggested that this would be an opportune time to revamp website and make it less staid and more stimulating.

  • The proposed “pandemic anthology” of poems about or related to the pandemic (Dale’s idea). This would be an OPA-members-only printed book to be printed in the fall. The publication may serve as a fundraiser for OPA, will be a service to OPA members, and may encourage poets to join so that they can submit. Publicity and outreach were discussed. The OPA Board will read and judge entries. Dan moved that OPA put together and print a pandemic anthology for members only. Approved unanimously.

  • The Cascadia student contest. Given the stress of the pandemic for teachers and students, and last year’s poor turnout, Bruce moved to suspend the contest and not hold it this year. The motion passed 7 to 0 with Jennifer abstaining.

Treasurer’s Report (Carolyn Adams): Report submitted separately by email. OPA’s net worth is $33,985, with $13,982 nonrestricted funds available.

IV.  Adjournment

The next board meeting was scheduled for Monday, Aug. 24, 7 pm.

1 thought on “Oregon Poetry Association Board Meeting of July 23, 2020”

  1. Thanks! A “pandemic anthology” is a good idea, a way to record many of the personal experiences and feelings as they happened or happen. Also, good “activity” while social distancing, etc. Appreciate the great work you guys are doing.

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