Oregon Poetry Association Fall 2019 Contest Winners

Poet’s Choice — Carl Adamshick, Judge

1st Place: “Tiny Blue Flowers” by Danielle Stricklin, Eugene, OR

2nd Place: “Original Face” by Michael Selker, Portland, OR

3rdPlace: “My Selfie Poem” by Cynthia Jacobi, Newport, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Barbizon Nightgowns” by Sandra Rokoff-Lizut, McMinnville, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Do Not Be Afraid” by Michael Hanner, Eugene, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Death’s Usher” by Jessica Mehta, Hillsboro, OR

Members Only — Leah Stenson, Judge

1st Place: “You Never Can Replace a Dog You Love” by David Hedges,
West Linn, OR

2nd Place: “To the Moon after the Blood Red Moon” by Amy Baskin, Portland, OR

3rd Place: “Here a Small Rain” by Nancy Christopherson, Baker City, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “El Corazón del Invierno” by Michael Hanner, Eugene, OR        

2nd Honorable Mention: “Even If It Hurts” by Karen Keltz, Tillamook, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “What I Learn” by Lorna Rose, Wenatchee, WA

New Poets — Stephanie Adams-Santos, Judge

1st Place: “Mercy” by Quinn Miller, Portland, OR

2nd Place: “They Try to Remind Us” by James R. Merrill, Salem, OR

3rd Place: “The Bull” by Nadine Fiedler, Portland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Stage Four” by Jackie McManus, Lyle, WA

2nd Honorable Mention: “Someday” by Mary Theis, Talent, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Unraveling” by Norm Baxter, Salem, OR

Traditional Form – Blank Verse — John Morrison, Judge

1st Place: “Gifted” by Diana Morley, Talent, OR

2nd Place: “The Prince: First Anniversary” by Carolyn Martin, Clackamas, OR

3rd Place: “Elegy for Hands” by Susan Morse, Salem, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Full Moons” by Susanne Twight-Alexander, Eugene, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “The Dandelion’s Rant” by Paul Telles, Beaverton, OR

3rd Honorable Mention:1 “Finding My Song” by Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

Theme – Our Common Life Toni Lumbrazo Luna, Judge    

1st Place: “The Porch in Summer” by Lynn Robertson, Pendleton, OR

2nd Place: “Abatement” by Suzy Harris, Portland, OR

3rd Place: “Debris” by Stephanie Striffler, Portland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “The Neighbor Brings a Boat Home” by Colette Jonopulos, Denver, CO

2nd Honorable Mention: “Facing the Light” by Jana Carp, Salem, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Earth: An Abecedarian Ode” by Alida Rol, Eugene, OR

OPA congratulates all who participated!

Winning poems will appear under “Poet’s Spotlight” beginning in December.

1 thought on “Oregon Poetry Association Fall 2019 Contest Winners”

  1. Greetings! I am overjoyed to be on your website as a fall contest winner (new poets, 3rd prize). I do see, though, that my poem’s formatting has been stripped away. May I email the poem, The Bull, to you so that the formatting may be restored? I’d greatly appreciate it! You may also call or text me at 603-238-3776 if that’s better for you. I have some appointments this morning but will keep checking email and texts when I can! Thanks!

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