Tranquil Relief through Nature

Going to the hospital might not be so bad after all.

Kaiser’s new Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro features poetry by local poets, combined with photos by a local artist. Poems were selected by Steve Williams and Constance Hall, who have also published a stunningly beautiful chapbook of the poems selected, plus others. The poem-photo combinations were assembled by Janelle Baglien of Studio Art Direct. List of poets and poems on the Kaiser Permanente web site.

Kaiser held a reception for the artists and poets June 27th. View photos from the reception.

On July 27th, Steve and Constance were invited to host a booth at the pre-opening fair. (The center opens for general care August 6th). Fairgoers toured the facility and got to view a few of the poems, then were invited to write haikus or other short poems at the booth. Selected poems may be posted on Kaiser’s website, but we’re not sure when. Booth volunteer Willa Schneberg was kind enough to take some photos.

Booth volunteers L to R: Emily Williams, Tiel Ansari, Steve Williams, Constance Hall. Facing away from camera, two volunteers from the Kaiser Credit Union booth contribute poems.

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