2018 Conference Augments Oregon Poetry Collection

At the OPA conference in Eugene the last weekend of September, OPA collected books for the Oregon Poetry Collection. Erik Muller writes: “The basket for donations to the OPC is heavy, indeed. Seventeen authors, twenty-three titles, forty-six books, and two 2016 Verseweavers.”

For information about the Oregon Poetry Collection, and how to donate books to it, see “Oregon Poetry Collection” under RESOURCES

These are the books about to arrive in the collection:

Verseweavers, Number 21, 2016.  Two copies.

Dawn Anderson. Seeing the Beauty in Everyday Things. Two copies.

Dawn Anderson. Stamp Collection.  Two copies.

Jose Angel Araguz.  Reasons (Not) To Dance.  Two copies.

Jose Angel Araguz.  The Wall.  Two copies.

Jose Angel Araguz.  Everything We Think We Hear.  Two copies.

Jose Angel Araguz.  Until We Are Level Again.  Two copies.

Joan Dobbie.  Woodstock Baby.  Two copies.

Kelly Eastland.  Illuminated Planet.  One copy.

Trina Gaynon.  The Alphabet of Romance.  Two copies.

Sherri Levine.  In These Voices.  Two copies.

Rosemary Douglas Lombard.  Turtles All the Way.  Two copies.

Robert McDowell.  Quiet Money.  One copy.

Carter McKenzie.  Stem of Us.  Two copies.

James R. Merrill.  The Lust of Experience.  One copy.

James R. Merrill.  Blues Fall Down Like Rain.  One copy.

Judith H. Montgomery.  Litany for Wound and Bloom.  Two copies.

Erik Muller.  Daymarks.  Two copies.

Lois Rosen.  Nice and Loud.  Two copies.

Penelope Scambly Schott.  House of the Cardamom Seed.  Two copies.

Linda Varsell Smith.  Lacunae.  Two copies.

Linda Varsell Smith.  Mirabilia.  Two copies.

Linda Varsell Smith.  Spiral Hands.  Two copies.

Jo Van Arkel.  Give Me a Hat To Wear.  Two copies.

Lina Fippin White.  Becoming the Crone.  Two copies.

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