General Membership Meeting: September 29th, 2018

Held at the annual conference, Eugene

Presiding: Lisa Baldwin, President; Lynn Otto, Treasurer

Annual Report

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Both Lisa Baldwin and Joy McDowell received the appreciation of the membership and the Board for their service as President and Secretary, respectively

The attending membership received ballots for the proposal about dues increases and the ballot for Board positions.

Proposal for increasing membership dues:

The discussion from members touched on:

The prudence/fairness of proposing to drop the senior category

Suggested giving monetary credit to volunteers

Suggested funds be available to help with dues and conference registration

Suggested an endowed scholarship/assistance fund in the OPA budget

Inquired about the benefits of forming units in areas not now covered?

Suggested having a secure list of contacts for member use

The motion passed unanimously to raise membership from $27 to $35, to increase two-year membership from $50 to $65, to increase student membership from $17 to $20, and to eliminate senior and family membership discounts/categories.

Voting for Board positions:

The motion passed unanimously to elect Jennifer Rood, Erik Muller, and Dale Champlin to three-year Board positions and to appoint Alan Contreras as an alternate Board member.

Minutes submitted by Erik Muller

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