Posted December 12, 2019.

2019 Fall Contest Winner: 3rd Place, New Poets

The Bull

by Nadine Fiedler

On top of his dresser

a hollow ceramic bull

held what was in his pockets at night

The bull eternally charged forward

headed towards the closet

with the pornography inside

The sounds of the coins

he threw into the bull

felt angry to me felt

as if he were trying

to defy his daily existence

one in which he was trivial

To become the bull

ruling over the herd

of women who surrounded him

he snorted, he mounted, he gored

heedless of consequences

broken girls strewn behind

no one could stop him

in his quest to conquer

the bull long gone

he is long gone

Reduced in his last years to a frail

obsessed nothing

forced to flee

hated by the cows

cursed by the cows

driven off

running across the fields

uselessly roaring

Poet bio

Nadine Fiedler is a freelance writer and editor who has been writing poetry for many years. She lives in Portland.

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