2019 Fall Contest Winner: 3rd Place, Poet’s Choice

My Selfie Poem

by Cynthia Jacobi

I have middle aged children

I wonder at their infant survival under my care

      and wish I could do it over

My thoughts skip and pause

      as might a yellow pencil

      put to lined paper

I remember a collage of shoes

      lost front teeth

      report cards driving lessons

      first heartbreak

I write free form poetry

      It’s playing tennis without a net

      To quote Robert Frost

I must squint to focus

      and focus to be grateful

Starflowers of love returned shimmer

      in my silver hair

I breathe deep with acceptances

I have stashed an egg of barbed wire

      on a high shelf

a chalice of questions without answers

Poet bio

Cynthia Jacobi lives on the central Oregon Coast. She is a mixed media artist as well as a poet. She cannot imagine being as happy living anywhere else.

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