2019 Spring Contest Winner: 2nd Place, Poet’s Choice


by Deborah Akers

we are little more

than strands of memory

            made flesh


nerve coils murmuring

            well-worn code

through wiry core


stance, temperament

            color of eye

all echo, bound by


cells recounting

ancient arcs



as moon path

and passing stars


            less certain

what becomes of

our thought fumes


            mapping of acts

bold and timid both

that mark the brain


residue of

love tracing

            the beloved


even the hard-used

            hammer, or ring

imbued as treasure


must in the end


to faith’s acreage


restored in fragment



though more likely fallen

to rest in fields

            damp and green


Poet bio

Deborah Akers is the author of two poetry collections; partly fallen (Airlie Press, 2015), and backward pilgrim (I-Beam Books, 2013). Her poems have appeared in many publications, and she has received several Pushcart Prize nominations. Deborah and her husband live as quietly as possible in Portland, Oregon. She makes her living as an educational editor and writer.

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