2019 Spring Contest Winner: 3rd Place, New Poets

All eyes

by Linda Golaszewski

What imagines happening

behind these eyes

the ability to regenerate

cell after cell

core after core spurting a leaf

a branch a new found strength

the push through the soil rekindles


the dark night of the earth 

no barrier to the present urge

push the way of the seed

the need


plants cannot survive

without the burying.

Why not, the mystery

of the potato eye

contains the world

speaking to the worms

Poet bio


Linda Golaszewski has been many things in her career and is currently reinventing herself. A previous award winner in the OPA spring contest, she considers herself a developing poet/writer, although she’s been writing all her life. Not bound by any particular approach, everyday encounters are grist for the word-mill and emerge in many forms—stories and essays as well as poetry. She is a longtime Portland resident where she also teaches, sings and dances.

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