Cascadia Poetics Lab’s Poetry Postcard Fest

Do you love to write? Want to expand your horizons?
Join the Poetry Postcard Fest!
Organized by the Cascadia Poetics Lab, the Poetry Postcard Fest is an annual event where writers dedicate 56 days to composing original 31 poems and sending them to other participants.  The Fest was initiated in 2007 by poets Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers, and has grown to include poets participating worldwide.
Writers are asked to create a daily, spontaneous poem on the back of a postcard that is then mailed to a fellow poet.  At the same time, the sender will also receive a postcard with a poem from a fellow participant.  It’s a great way to jump-start your creative spirit and enhance your writing career.
The fest is open to people who contribute at least $20 U.S. to the Cascadia Poetics Lab.
But I’m not a poet! Can I still participate in this event?
Yes! Writers who already create poetry will naturally gravitate towards poetry events and contests, but what about writers who have never written a poem? This event is for you as well.
Cascadia Poetics Lab encourages the love of poetry and gives writers the opportunity to finish a project. Short form writing is invigorating, fun, and life-changing. Think of how much joy the receiver will get when your poem arrives in the mail. Then, think of what it will feel like to finish a poem and release it to the world. This is truly the writer’s life.
We believe that poetry is the nexus at which self-knowledge, bioregionalism, and expansive creativity converge. Cascadia Poetics Lab is a vibrant community whose workshops, festivals, and opportunities for connection can open the door to transformative experiences.
Join us by registering here.

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