Gail Denham

“Duet” poem published in Sylvan (Pennsylvania); Pegasus (Kentucky State Poetry Soc.) two poems; a photo of mine used on cover of Prize Poems anthology (Pennsyl. Poetry Society); Pennessence (Pennsyl.) one poem; poem in Texas 2016 Calendar, “Truth on the Wind”, cento; won 2nd prize in Galaxy Verse contest; Well Versed anthology using two poems (Columbia Writers Guild); Sin Fronteras (Writers Without Borders) using ekphrastic poem. Springfield Writers Guild, using poems and short story.

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  1. Gail,

    Kate Lacy here, PRA Arkansas. Make a note. You’re prepaid for 2017-18. You paid three times in 2015. AND I’m looking for a sales page for your poetry collections/books. Thanks.

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