Let’s Like Oregon Poet Laureate Peter Sears’ Facebook Page

I have been reading an email from Oregon Poet Laureate, Peter Sears’ friend Jim Scheppke who is helping manage Peter’s Facebook Page. Here’s what I learned from this email:

Peter and Jim are hoping to get 1,000 Likes on Peter’s Oregon Poet Laureate Facebook page by the end of Peter’s term as Oregon Poet Laureate.

The Poet Laureate of Oregon serves at the pleasure of the Governor for a term of two years and may be reappointed for an additional two years.

Peter Sears’ Poet Laureate Facebook page already has 218 Likes. I think we can do better than a thousand Likes! Let’s help Peter Sears get ten thousand Likes! Add your “Like” to Peter Sears’ Poet Laureate Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PeterSearsPoetLaureate

Peter is scheduling poetry outreach in libraries and other places throughout Oregon. You can request that Peter Sears visit your community from a form on the official Oregon Poet Laureate website: http://oregonpoetlaureate.org/

Contact your local library or other appropriate organization to request a visit by Oregon Poet Laureate Peter Sears. (On the Official Poet Laureate Website Calendar page you’ll find a link to the Poet Laureate Appearance Request form.)

Peter Sears is looking for poets from other cultures, and who write poetry in languages besides English, to read their poetry with him at some events. Check the Poet Laureate website – Expanding Voices page or email Peter Sears, Oregon Poet Laureate, at [email protected] for more information.

Peter Sears also has a new book: Small Talk: New and Selected Poems.

This post compiled by
Katie Eberhart

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