Oregon Poetry Association Board Meeting at the Grand Hotel in Salem, Oregon September 15, 2019

Retiring Board Members:
Shirley Marc (president); Charles Castle (vice-president); Erik Muller (secretary); Lynn Otto (treasurer)
Continuing Board Members:
Bruce Parker (Historian and NFSPS liaison, newsletter)
Dale Champlin (Verseweavers editor, newsletter editor)
Diane Corson (membership outreach)
Stella Jung Guillory (adult poetry contest coordinator)
Jennifer Rood (Banta Award committee chair)
New Members:
Dave Mehler (elected for a 3-year term)
Susan Morse (elected for a 2-year term)
Dan Liberthson (elected for a 3-year term)

Not Present:
Jenn Dawson (elected for a 3-year term)   

I.  Call to Order 

                Shirley Marc called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.
                Note: Jennifer Rood will be acting as secretary and taking notes for the meeting.

II.  Approval of September 9, 2019 Minutes

                It was moved and seconded that the minutes be accepted as amended.
                The minutes were accepted by voice vote, without objection.

III.  New Business

                A.  Election of New Officers
                It was moved and seconded that each of the following Board members become officers of the
                new Board.  Each motion passed by voice vote, without objection.
                                President:  Bruce Parker
                                Vice-President:  Jennifer Rood
                                Treasurer: Jenn Dawson
                                Secretary:  Dan Liberthson

                B.  Transfer of Bank Access to New Officers
                It was moved and seconded that Bruce Parker (new President) and Jennifer Dawson (new
                Treasurer) be added to the Bank of America business checking account as signers, and that
                Shirley Marc (outgoing President) and Lynn Otto (outgoing Treasurer) be removed from the
                account. The motion passed by a voice vote, without objection.

C.  Roles Moving Forward
                The Board discussed and agreed to the following roles and responsibilities moving forward:

                                1.  Dave Mehler agreed to take over Charles Castle’s former duties, including managing
                                  Submittable and the membership list for MailChimp. 
                                2.  Susan Morse agreed to stand in as Secretary in Dan Liberthson’s absence. 
                                3.  Both Susan Morse and Dave Mehler agreed to serve as a back-up proofreader and
                                      editors for the newsletter, as needed.
                                4.  Shirley Marc will put together a conference report to submit to the new Board.  She 
                                    will also compile a volunteer report.  Shirley has the projector and cords for OPA in
                                  her possession for us to be able to use in future conferences.  She also has the
                                  cashbox and notebook for the bookroom.
                                5.  Erik Muller will send minutes from the annual conference to be approved at the next

IV. Next Board Meeting

                The next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 12 at 2 p.m. via Skype.

V.  Adjournment 

                The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

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