Posted April 30, 2018.

Oregon Poetry Association Spring 2018 Contest Winners

Poet’s Choice — Armin Tolentino, Judge

1st Place: “Knowledge of Good and Evil” by Penelope Scambly Schott, Portland, OR

2nd Place: “Fishing Indian Creek” by Marri Champié, Kuna, ID

3rd Place: “Persephone” by Carol Clark Williams, York, PA

1st Honorable Mention: “Monday after Rain” by Michael Hanner, Eugene, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Fourth Wave” by Linda Ferguson, Portland, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Spinning Song” by Toni Hanner, Eugene, OR


Members Only — Tim Whitsel, Judge

1st Place: “Ghazal in June” by Louise Barden, Corvallis, OR

2nd Place: “Today I Am Venus” by Shawn Aveningo Sanders, Beaverton, OR

3rd Place: “The Steens” by Janna Roselund, Oakland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “No Bonsai Anymore” by Brigitte Goetze, Philomath, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “The Fixer” by Toni Hanner, Eugene, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Rudy” by Linda Ferguson, Portland, OR


New Poets — Connie Post, Judge

1st Place: “Coals” by Welkin Azure, Eugene, OR

2nd Place: “the cherries were ripe” by Linda Golaszewski, Portland, OR

3rd Place: “Crow Proprietors” by Judy Richardson, Eugene, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Pocket Change” by Ward Anderson, Ashland, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Pie and Coffee” by Donna McNeil, Springfield, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Gastropoda Magnifico” by Julie K. Caulfield, Beaverton, OR


Traditional Form–Sonnet — Amy MacLennan, Judge

1st Place: “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Hanna Litwinowicz, Portland, OR

2nd Place: “Sonnet for the 25th Wedding Anniversary” by Carolyn Martin, Clackamas, OR

3rd Place: “We Can Always Talk about the Weather” by Alida Rol, Eugene, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “For Albert” by Joan Dobbie, Eugene, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Death of an Archaeologist” Marri Champié, Kuna, ID

3rd Honorable Mention: “Kaizen” by Sue Parman, Hillsboro, OR


Theme–Borders and Boundaries — M. E. Hope, Judge                         

1st Place: “Cross-Country Bus” by Charlotte Abernathy, Ashland, OR

2nd Place: “Muggins Discovers His New Boundaries” by Dave Harvey, Talent, OR

3rd Place: “Something There Is” by Kim Hamilton, Ashland, OR

1st Honorable Mention: “Crossing” by Helen Puciloski, Rainier, OR

2nd Honorable Mention: “Territory” by Cynthia Jacobi, Newport, OR

3rd Honorable Mention: “Unfinished Things” by Marvin Lurie, Portland, OR


Winning poems and judges’ comments will appear under “Poet’s Spotlight” beginning May 15th.

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