Premiere of opera with music and libretto by Christopher M. Wicks

“Love Is Strong As Death,” a concise opera with music and libretto by Silvertonian Christopher M. Wicks, will be premiered at 2 PM on February 3, 2018 at the Mount Angel Abbey Library Auditorium at One Abbey Drive, St. Benedict, Ore. A repeat performance will take place on February 10, also at 2 PM. The opera is based on the Celtic legends of Tristam and Iseult, with quotes from the Biblical Song of Solomon. The event will open with violinist Stephanie Barth playing two sonatas by Wicks. Freewill offerings much appreciated.

1 thought on “Premiere of opera with music and libretto by Christopher M. Wicks”

  1. Christopher Wicks

    Hello everyone! Christopher M. Wicks here. Please notice that, despite verb tenses, this event took place in 2018. You may, however, view the opera in two installments on James Norman’s YouTube channel, and also Stephanie’s violin-playing. Thanks for the retroactive publicity.

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