Some Playful, Aggravating & Reusable Poetry Prompts

1. Things I’m afraid to tell myself
2. Ways of Oregon rain
3. I’m from a place where
4. Things Momma don’t allow
5. Things I’ve learned lately
6. Nerudian questions like––What truly sleeps in a riverbed? Why is everything more beautiful underwater? Why do rivers journey? How far can you travel downriver? Who is the river murmuring to? What cleans and aerates you like rapids?
7. What’s hidden in the trance of high school?
8. How best can we share this ocean of air?
9. What of the silence around your name?
10. When is there a vortex of noise?
11. What is the simplicity of trees?
12. Being quiet and listening to breath
13. What is meditative for you?
14. What can night teach us?
15. Finding our way in the dark
16. Earth teaches her children . . .
17. Fall was in the air
18. Winter falls like a shroud
19. The warmth of wool
20. Slouching in mud
21. Hills dodge everywhere
22. This careless river
23. The reckless surf
24. Slow children at play
25. Meditation: Don’t even think about it
26. Walking perpetually changes the scenery
27. Hot winds discourage clothing
28. How dusty and barren Mexico’s inland womb
29. It’s better tomorrow/Mejores manana
30. Travel provides new perspective
31. Exchanging greetings with everyone I pass
32. Travel is unpredictable like me
33. A walk through the house through a child’s eyes
34. What good is a day?
35. “Absence” as positive and/or negative
36. What can a poem do?
37. A paradise of strangers
38. An ode to transitory things
39. In celebration of favorite foods
40. An ode to small objects
41. Seeing through the layers

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