2020 Spring Contest Winners: New Poets: 1st Place Winner

An old baby stroller,

Heaped to the sky.

Bags bulged with bottles and cans,

Enough to get by….

                                                                                    For a few days, anyway

                                                                                    she softly sang:

                                                                                    “Go round Mary.  Mary, go round.”

–download the PDF to read the rest of the poem

Poet’s Bio

Evelyn Gardner is a painter. When she arrived in Oregon after many years in the Florida Keys she began to see Nature and Her exquisite beauty in a light that required more than paint to define and share. Only words could capture the message she was experiencing. In search of a new brush, a new palette, she discovered poetry in a wonderful writing class in Clackamas. She is determined to share her vision of her new home.

Judge’s Comments – Penelope Scambly Schott

When I read a poem I am hoping to see something that interests me and makes me feel some intensity about it.  I want a new experience, fresh imagery, and some kind of emotional response. I don’t want to be distracted by clichés or preaching or deliberate obscurity. After much reading and re-reading, I ended up picking these particular poems for their compassion and originality. “Go Round Mary” deftly combines an old song with the story of a homeless woman who “made a nest with her stroller”.

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