ANNOUNCING: New Member Websites Page


Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit their website information for the launch of the new OPA Member Websites page!

I just clicked through to all the websites and I can tell you there is a lot of information and a lot to think about. These member websites span personal poems and new book publications, artists’ statements and bios, to reading series and poetry blogs.

Like going on vacation on a snowy winter afternoon, I sunk into Anita’s poetry blog. When I got to “thought exercises” and “paradoxes,” I was hooked. In the middle of the page, she asks:

Where are you in relation to the ‘matter’ of your poem? How close? Try getting a little closer.

Closer to what? [you might well ask at this point. Join the club!] 


Exactly. Just what I need to proceed.

Are you an OPA Member with a Website? Would you like a link from the OPA website to your website? If so, please use the handy form to submit information about your web site. You can even creatively (poetically?) describe the purpose and use of your web site.

The posting of your web site information onto the OPA Member Websites page may take a few days because the process isn’t totally automated yet but we’ll let you know when your web site has been added.

OPA is an organization run by volunteers, so please have patience!

Happy surfing,

Katie Eberhart
(OPA Webmaster)



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