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OPA congratulates all the poets below, and thanks them and all the poets who entered our most recent contest for sharing their work.
Poet’s Choice – Peter Sears

First Place: “Untitled” by Brad Canfield
Second Place: “Shower” by Liz Robinson
Third Place: “Nail” by Steve Jones
Fourth Place: “New Neighbors” by Linda Gelbrich

Honorable Mentions

“Missing Christian” by Carol Lee Taylor
“Good Intentions” by Kathryn Ridall
“On the Back Porch of Forever” by Jean Larsen Bennett
 Free Verse – Charles Goodrich

First Place: “Great Tits in the Netherlands” by David Hedges
Second Place: “Bon Voyage!” by Jeff Fearnside
Third Place: “Antler Campground” by Katie Eberhart

Honorable Mentions

“14 Summers” by Kristin Berger
“Sheltered” by Colette Jonopulos
“Isabella in the ER” by Michael McFetridge
“Approaching Milepost 85” by Marjorie Power
“untitled 2” by Brad Canfield
Traditional Forms – Toni and Michael Hanner
First Place: “A Pantoum for Em” by Linda Ferguson
Second Place: “A Guide to the Modern Sonnet” by David Hedges
Third Place: “Sonnet CCLXXIII: The Vet” by Paul McCartney
 Honorable Mentions
“Van Gogh’s Last Painting” by Colette Jonopulos
“Pacific Northwest 2012” by Catherine McGuire
“It Takes as Long as It Takes” by Sue Parman
“The Taste of Forgiveness” by Eileen Dawson Peterson
“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” by Caroline Martin of Clackamas

Members Only – Judith Montgomery  
First Place Tie: “Give It to Me Straight” by Leah Stenson
First Place Tie: “Funeral Home” by Penny Hetherington
Second Place: “Untitled” by Gail Denhan
Third Place: “Time of Pines” by Katie Eberhart
Honorable Mentions  
“Natural Light” by Susanne Twight-Alexander
“In Love With Earth” by Charlotte Abernathy
“A Certain Regret” by David Hedges
Collaboration – Ingrid Wendt

First Place: “If I Were a Man” by Jay Darwin Schroder and Angela Decker
Second Place: “Our Own Private Alaska” by Kristen Berger and Scot Siegel
Third Place: “Lingering Fragrance Renga” by Weld Champneys and Shirley Nelson

Honorable Mentions

“Breath Song”; by Steve Jones (no other author named)
“I Want to Hurt Him” by Dorothy Mack and Linnea Harper
“Memory of a Lute Song” by Margaret Chula and John Rhett
“Morning Rituals” by Linda Barnes and Sara Jameson
“On Confusing Darkness through Disappearing” by A. Molotkov and John Sibley Williams
“Sharing” by Eward and Kate Sage
“The Illusionists” by Linda Ferguson, Bennett Campbell Ferguson, and Fiona Ferguson
New Poets – Nancy Flynn

First Place: “Untitled 3” by Brad Canfield
Second Place: “bob wrigley and orange dream have to wait” by Rebecca Hardin
Third Place: “Rock and Root” by Tricia Knoll

Honorable Mentions

“Supplication” by Susan Ryan
“On the Late Shift” by Michael McFetridge
“streetcar ride in spring” by Katharine Quince
“Surfaces” by Jerri Elliott Otto
“Safety Net” by Diane Nichols

OPA congratulates all the poets below, and thanks them and all the poets who entered our most recent contest for sharing their work. 

Poet’s Choice – Matt Schumacher, Judge

First Place: “The Woods of My Childhood” by Rachel Barton, Corvallis
Second Place: “According to the Book of Genesis” by Carol Ann Lantz, Corvallis
Third Place: “Foreign Exchange” by Linda Ferguson, Portland
Fourth Place: “A Loamy Place” by Marjorie Stewart, Kirkland, WA
First Honorable Mention: “Black” by KatSue Grant, Roseburg
Second Honorable Mention: “When Blondie Goes to Heaven” by _(no name, alas)__

Free Verse – Mark Reed, Judge

First Place: “Don’t Quibble with Fiddlers” by Sara-Lynne Simpson, Ashland
Second Place: “Fishing the Metolius” by Carol Ann Lantz, Corvallis
Third Place: “Nightcrawlers” by Shelley Reece, Portland
First Honorable Mention: “Thalidomide Diatribe” by Aaron Erhardt, Salem
Second Honorable Mention: “ Sister Maud and Brother Isaiah” by Penny Hetherington, Redmond
Third Honorable Mention: “MRI” by Brigitte Goetze, Monroe

Dueling Judges – Caleb Crossman, Judge

First Place: “On Living a Deliberate Life” by A. Molotkov, Portland
Second Place: “Spider” by Aaron Erhardt, Salem
Third Place: “Disaster on Dead Man’s Hill” by David Hedges, West Linn
First Honorable Mention: “Cellar Shower” by Charlotte Abernathy, Ashland
Second Honorable Mention: “The Botanist” by Shirley A. Plummer, Yachats
Third Honorable Mention: “Porous” by Catherine McGuire, Sweet Home

Dueling Judges – Kyle Archibald, Judge

First Place: “Blue Cheese” by Judson Hyatt, Medford
Second Place: “her gleaming her ceaseless swim” by Toni Hanner, Eugene
Third Place: “Cellar Shower” by Charlotte Abernathy, Ashland
First Honorable Mention: “The Botanist” by Shirley A. Plummer, Yachats
Second Honorable Mention: “On poetry” by M. Michael Hanner, Eugene
Third Honorable Mention: “Apricot Rain” by Kate Marsh, Burns

Traditional Forms – Jim Hills, Judge

First Place: “On Reading Sacred for Scared” by Greg Chaimov,  Milwaukie
Second Place: “Ancestry” by Carolyn Martin, Clackamas
Third Place: “Jigsaw Sestina” by Catherine McGuire, Sweet Home
First Honorable Mention: “This Too Be the Verse” by Stephanie Lenox, Salem
Second Honorable Mention: “Winter’s Touch” by Christopher Doyle, Rhododendron
Third Honorable Mention: “Right Angle Job” by Charles Dallmann, Alsea

Members Only (Theme: Indecision) – Gail Denham, Judge

First Place: “Let’s Do Lunch” by David Hedges, West Linn
Second Place: “On Not Taking the Ferry” by Toni Hanner, Eugene
Third Place: “Still Looking” by Shelley Reece, Portland
First Honorable Mention: “Craft Talk 1” by Scot Siegel, Lake Oswego
Second Honorable Mention: “And Distant” by A. Molotkov, Portland
Third Honorable Mention: “Breaking Point” by Mariah Blackhorse, Enterprise
Fourth Honorable Mention: “Tether” by Catherine McGuire, Sweet Home

New Poets – Lynn Otto, Judge

First Place: “The Devil’s Attic” by Linda Ferguson, Portland
Second Place: “From Knik Arms to Potter’s Marsh” by Rachel Barton, Corvallis
Third Place: “Midnight Blue” by Sara-Lynne Simpson, Ashland
First Honorable Mention: “quietly encased” by Jackie Huppenthal, Dyer, Indiana
Second Honorable Mention: “Happiness Squared” by Shirley Thomas, Corvallis
Third Honorable Mention: “alive, oh” by Shirley A. Plummer, Yachats

2011 fall contest winners are:

** Poet’s Choice: Judged by Penelope Scambly Schott

1st Place: M.E. Hope
2nd Place: Scot Siegel
3rd Place: Joy McDowell

1st HM: David Hedges

2nd HM: Michael Hanner

3rd HM: Toni Hanner

4th HM: Margaret Chula

5th HM: Adrian Potter

** New Poets: Judged by John C. Morrison
1st Place: Fred Melden
2nd Place: A. Molotkov
3rd Place: Julie Stuckey

1st HM: Shirley Plummer

2nd HM: Jacqueline Barnas

3rd HM: Pamela Devereaux Wilson

4th HM: Marisa Petersen

5th HM: Nghiem Do

** Traditional Form (Prose Poem): Judged by Jonah Bornstein
1st Place: David Hedges
2nd Place: Toni Hanner
3rd Place: Michael Hanner

1st HM: Tiel Aisha Ansari

2nd HM: Marilyn Johnston

3rd HM: Liz Robinson

4th HM: Clarence Socwell

5th HM: Kathryn Ridall
** Free Verse: Judged by Shaindel Beers
1st Place: Colette Tennant
2nd Place: Scot Siegel
3rd Place: Pepper Trail

1st HM: Joy McDowell

2nd HM: Tiel Aisha Ansari

3rd HM: Nancy Flynn

4th HM: Rachel Barton

5th HM: Linda Knowlton Appel

** Member’s Choice: Judged by Arlene Ang

1st Place: M.E. Hope
2nd Place: Stephanie Lenox
3rd Place: Margaret Chula

1st HM: Karen Keltz

2nd HM: Clarence Socwell

3rd HM: Catherine McGuire

4th HM: Toni Hanner

5th HM: Marilyn Johnston

** You Do, Too! Any form but written in second person point of view. (sponsored by the Eugene/Springfield Unit): Judged by Brent Goodman

1st Place: Margaret Gish Miller
2nd Place: Colette Tennant
3rd Place: Toni Hanner

1st HM: Shelley Reece

2nd HM: Stephanie Lenox

3rd HM: Dennis Davis

4th HM: Nancy Flynn

5th HM: Liz Robinson
The winners from the Spring 2011 contest are as follows:
** Poet’s Choice: Judged by Kim Stafford

1st Place: On reading the news of my neighbor’s foreclosure
M.E. Hope
Klamath Falls

2nd Place: Processing
Charlotte Abernathy
Ashland, OR

3rd Place: Refugee
Carol Brockfield
Medford, OR

1st HM: The Dragonfly
Lynne Malone
Portland, OR

2nd HM: What Remains
Marilyn Johnston
Salem, OR

3rd HM: Rites of Passage
John McBride
Bettendorf, IA

4th HM: Another Wednesday Morning, 1959
David Hedges
West Linn, OR

5th HM: Looking for Celilo
Shirley Sachiko Kishiyama
Portland, OR

** Free Verse: Judged by Susan Terris

1st Place: Windblown
Colette Jonopulos
Eugene, OR

2nd Place: If ee cummings Worked Public Affairs for FEMA
C. Morgan Hunt
Ashland, OR

3rd Place: Moth Whispers
Mariah Blackhorse
Enterprise, OR

1st HM: What the stone letters said
Carolyn Martin
Clackamas, OR

2nd HM: Spoil
Liz Robinson
Phoenix, OR

3rd HM: Lacuna
Carlyn Syvanen
Sequim, WA

4th HM: What Surrealism Means to Me
Toni Hanner
Eugene, OR

5th HM: Continuity
A. Molotkov
Portland, OR

5th HM: Little Dark-Headed Birds
Carol Brockfield
Medford, OR

** Traditional Verse (Sonnet): Judged by Judith Montgomery

1st Place: Jessica on That Wilderness of Monkeys
Judith Fay Pulman
Portland, OR

2nd Place: Summer Leaving
Ruth F. Harrison
Waldport, OR

3rd Place: A Sonnet in Address to My Brother
Christopher M. Wicks
Silverton, OR

1st HM: I’ve Put My Foot Down, Boy
Carol Ann Lantz
Corvallis, OR

2nd HM: Butterfly Watching
Tiel Aisha Ansari
Portland, OR

3rd HM: The Modern Sonnet
David Hedges
West Linn, OR

4th HM: White Liars After Dark
Lisa E. Baldwin
Grants Pass, OR

** New Poets: Judged by Barbara LaMorticella

1st Place: How Life Isn’t Fair
Paulina Violet Jaeger
Beaverton, OR

2nd Place: Fields of Poppies
Dave Warner
Milton, WA

3rd Place: For Magic Sam
Madeleine Denko-Carter
Portland, OR

1st HM: The Brink
Linda Ferguson
Portland, OR

2nd HM: Little Black Bug
Elizabeth Enslin
Portland, OR

3rd HM: Finding Myself
A. Molotkov
Portland, OR

HM: Montana Hwy 90 Northbound
Judith Fay Pulman
Portland, OR

HM: Celestial Seduction
C. Morgan Hunt
Ashland, OR

HM: Autumn Gauntlet
Paula Sheller Adams
Forest Grove, OR

HM: As I Am Now
Susan L. Cary
Cheshire, OR

** Members Only: Judged by Pepper Trail

1st Place: Seabirds
Jay D. Schroder
Talent, OR

2nd Place: There are Jockies & there are jockies
Joan Dobbie
Eugene, OR

3rd Place: So, fame
Ruth F. Harrison
Waldport, OR

1st HM: Vincent’s Crows
2nd HM: Meander
M.E. Hope
Klamath Falls, OR

3rd HM: Gleaner
Penelope Scambly Schott
Portland, OR

4th HM: Anamorph Along Highway 101
Quinton Hallett
Noti, OR

5th HM: Agathokakological
Sue Parman
Hillsboro, OR

** Experimental: Judged by K. Silem Mohammad

1st Place: ,, [two commas]
Toni Hanner
Eugene, OR

2nd Place: “breathe”
Sally Ehrman
Ashland, OR

3rd Place: Christmas Milk Train
Carol Brockfield
Medford, OR

1st HM: Jubilee
Nancy Flynn
Portland, OR

2nd HM: Observations in Five Reverses
Kathy Bowman
Joseph, OR

3rd HM: Winter Mosaic
Colette Jonopulos
Eugene, OR

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