Oregon Poetry Association – Spring 2013 Contest Winners

Oregon Poetry Association
Spring 2013 Contest Winners

OPA congratulates all the winners below, and thanks them 
and all the poets who entered for sharing their work.

Poet’s Choice — M. E. Hope, Judge

1st Place: “A Week’s Pay Lost at the Lizard Fight” by Armin Tolentino, Portland
2nd Place: “A Homeless Lady Speaks” by Hannah Thomassen, Cottage Grove
3rd Place: “Dog Tags” by Toni Hanner, Eugene
4th Place: “Moon As Shadow” by Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua, Eugene
1st Honorable Mention: “What We Give Up” by Laura LeHew, Eugene
2nd Honorable Mention: “Late Summer Tomatoes” by Alida Rol, Portland
3rd Honorable Mention: “Pursued by Mortal Fears I Lose My Way” by Sabel Ketler, Lake Oswego
4th Honorable Mention: “whether one” by Liz Robinson, Phoenix
5th Honorable Mention: “Sargasso Sea” by Nancy Flynn, Portland

Free Verse — Nancy Carol Moody, Judge                        

1st Place: “Meridian” by Nancy Flynn, Portland
2nd Place: “Standing Naked in the Forest at the Height of Mosquito Season” by Armin Tolentino, Portland
3rd Place: “Just After, ” by Marjorie Power, Corvallis
1st Honorable Mention: “The buzz this week” by Katy Rossing, Portland
2nd Honorable Mention: “Pox” by Laura LeHew, Eugene
3rd Honorable Mention: “Monday” by M. Michael Hanner, Eugene
4th Honorable Mention: “Domino” by Charlotte Abernathy, Ashland
5th Honorable Mention: “We Know the Moon Has Edges” by John Sibley Williams, Milwaukie

Form: Sestina — David Alpaugh, Judge

1st Place: “Interval” by Ann Sinclair, Portland
2nd Place: “Model Safeway” by Charles Dallmann, Alsea
3rd Place: “Best of Breed” by David Hedges, West Linn
1st Honorable Mention: “Have We Lost Our Way” by Carol Ann Lantz, Corvallis
2nd Honorable Mention: “Six and Twenty Blackbirds” by Kelly Eastlund, Springfield
3rd Honorable Mention: “Dragon Scrimshaw” by Armin Tolentino, Portland
4th Honorable Mention: “Bentley’s Sestina” by Sheryl Clough, Clinton, WA
5th Honorable Mention: “Sister Island Sestina” by Carol Leavitt Altieri, Madison, CT

Theme: Art or Music, in Memory of Virginia Corrie-Cozart — Carol Frith, Judge

1st Place: “Sound” by Liz Robinson, Phoenix
2nd Place: “Fanga” by Judith Massee, Portland
3rd Place: “For Barry” by Linda Barnes, Medford
1st Honorable Mention: “Shawl” by Marjorie Power, Corvallis
2nd Honorable Mention: “Dancing to Mendelssohn’s ‘Venetian Gondola’” by Linda Ferguson, Portland
3rd Honorable Mention: “Three and One-Half” by M K Moen, Portland
4th Honorable Mention: “Monday Afternoon” by M. Michael Hanner, Eugene
5th Honorable Mention: “At the Concertgebouw” by Toni Hanner, Eugene

Members Only — Chris Anderson, Judge

1st Place: “Thoughts About My Father in the Great Basin” by Pepper Trail, Ashland
2nd Place: “Truth” by Laura LeHew, Eugene
3rd Place: “Rutherford Discovers His Own Hollowness” by Armin Tolentino, Portland
1st Honorable Mention: “Turning the Boats Over” by M. Michael Hanner, Eugene
2nd Honorable Mention: “Love Outlives Us” by A. Molotkov, Portland
3rd Honorable Mention: “Ranch Wife” by Patricia Baldwin Escamilla, Klamath Falls
4th Honorable Mention: “Boxes” by Toni Hanner, Eugene
5th Honorable Mention: “Flauta” by Steve Jones, Corvallis

New Poets — Patty Wixon, Judge

1st Place: “Taming Chaos in Terza Rima” by Alida Rol, Portland
2nd Place: “Late Summer Hits North Salem” by Mike McFetridge, Salem
3rd Place: “Riparian Rap” by Patricia Barnhart, Lakeview
1st Honorable Mention: “concrete layers” by Nancy Davis Rosback, Newberg
2nd Honorable Mention: “Tomato Festival, Ridgefield, Washington” by Stella Jeng Guillory, Washougal, WA
3rd Honorable Mention: “Alfred Alred” by KatSue Grant, Roseburg
4th Honorable Mention: “3:00 AM Insomnia” by Teena Seckler, Springfield
5th Honorable Mention: “Telephone Connection: Information Please” by Cynthia Jacobi, Newport


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