Oregon Poetry Collection Donations at the 2019 OPA Conference, September 14-15, Salem

Copies   Author                       Title

2          Eleanor Berry              Only So Far

1          Gordon Dawson          The Listening Post

1          Jennifer Dawson         Vagaries

2          Kelly Lenox                  The Brightest Rock

2          Joan Dobbie                Quail Go Beserk

2          Susan K. Anderson      from Please Plant This Book Coast to Coast

            Virginia Brautigan Aste

2          Penelope S. Schott      House of the Cardamom Seed

2          Penelope S. Schott      November Quilt

2          David Hedges              Prospects of Life After Birth

2          Susan K. Anderson      Mezzanine

2          Charles R. Castle, Jr.    Chasing Down the Storm

2          Lynn Otto                    Real Daughter

2          Amelia Ettinger           Speaking at a Time/Hablando A La Vez

2          C. Steven Blue             Black Tights

2          C. Steven Blue             Wordsongs

2          C. Steven Blue             Wordsongs—Too Blue

2          C. Steven Blue             Wordsongs—3 Recovery

2          C. Steven Blue             S.O.S—Songs of Sobriety

2          C. Steven Blue             Wildweed

2          C. Steven Blue             The Power of a Woman

2          Quinton Hallett           Stranger by the Hour

2          Lee Darling                  Rhyme, Riddles & Invisible Connections

2          Susan Woods Morse   In the Hush

2          Margaret Chula          Grinding My Ink

2          Linda Varsell Smith     Wayfinding: Navigating the Unknown

2          Linda Varsell Smith     Lacunae: Mind the Gaps

2          Linda Varsell Smith     Wordy-Smith: Dancing the Line

OPA Publications

1          Verseweavers  1, 4-11, 15-20

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