Wanted: New Books for Review and Book Reviewers

A new year, new books, and new reviewers: a fertile combination to keep OPA members informed about the creative work their colleagues are doing.

If you’d like to add a book to the list book review list, go to https://oregonpoets.org/submit-a-member-book/ and fill out the information.

If you’d like to add “book reviewer” to your resume, check out https://oregonpoets.org/opa-book-reviews-guidelines-and-policies/. Familiarize yourself with the OPA guidelines and policies before committing to a review. For example, reviewers don’t have to be OPA members, but authors who would like their books reviewed do.

Also, read some of the reviews that have already been published. They’ll provide you with good models.

One caveat: While OPA respects all reviewers’ opinions, we realize that it’s a waste of time for readers to read a review of a book that they wouldn’t want to buy. We’ve had reviewers be very honest about the fact that they couldn’t in good conscience review a book they committed to because it was poorly written. We appreciate that honesty.

Once you’ve decided on a book, contact Carolyn Martin, Book Review Editor, at https://oregonpoets.org/contacts/book-reviews/. She’s keeping tabs on what books are still available for a review. She’ll also be happy to answer questions and help you through this very rewarding writing experience.

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